bob手机版下载 to Evaluate Key 教育 Initiatives

bob手机版下载 will provide evaluation support to several new education programs to help clients learn the effectiveness of these novel strategies and provide analysis on any needed course correction. Here we spotlight upcoming projects for the U.S. Department of 教育 (ED) that aim to give greater insight into how to improve outcomes for all students as we move through the pandemic.

“These new ED programs provide interesting, 创新的想法, and our task will be to assess what’s working, 什么是不, and what has potential to help students, 老师, and administrators facing so many unexpected challenges,” Patty Troppe, Ph.D., a bob手机版下载 Vice President.

Evaluating Policies, Programs, and Strategies to Support English Learners. English learners (ELs) are a substantial, 多样化的, and growing segment of students in the United 状态s. The COVID-19 pandemic and online learning was a setback for many students, and ELs were especially vulnerable as they are more likely to be affected by poverty, limited broadband access, and challenges participating in mainstream classes. bob手机版下载 and its partners will assist the Institute of 教育 Sciences (IES) in producing rigorous and policy-relevant evidence on what works for ELs. 具体地说, our work is intended to inform policy decisions about EL reclassification criteria—that is, the level of English langu年龄 proficiency and other criteria needed for a student to end EL services. Our team will measure how reclassification affects ELs’ instructional opportunities, 经历, 成就, 和成就. We will recruit and consult with external experts on a technical working group, create a study design and analysis plan, recruit states and districts, collect and analyze administrative and survey data, and produce an evaluation report.

Evaluating Programs and Strategies to Accelerate School Improvement. bob手机版下载 will support MDRC in conducting evaluations of programs and strategies designed to improve school performance and student outcomes. These evaluations are sponsored by the National Center for 教育 评价 and Regional Assistance within IES. 最初, we will prepare for and launch an impact evaluation of innovative education technology products to supplement math instruction in low-performing schools. bob手机版下载 will provide input into the study design, recruitment plan, survey instruments, and analysis plan and also will help to recruit study sites.

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